Make More Margin: Finding Sustainable Success in Boutique Event Rentals

Want more profit in your event rental business? Wonder when you'll ever find time to rest? Wish you could live the insta-worthy life you only dream about? Join RW Elephant co-founder Allison Howell to talk about finding and making more margin in your time, personal life, and finances while you run a successful boutique event rental business.

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Set aside some time to think about where you're at currently. In order to know where we can find more margin, we have to know your baseline. Our downloadable PDF (which you get upon registration) will help you figure out what's working and what's not.



Plan to spend an time with us learning & diving deep about what really matters to you in your boutique event rental business. The content is presented in an hour followed by 30 minutes of Q & A.  

What will we be covering?

Find Time

Evaluate where your time is currently going. Find some items on your list to delegate and actually start getting more done. We'll make a practical action plan that will multiply the hours in your days.

More Profit

Growing your business isn't helpful if you have a larger warehouse, bigger staff, beautiful collection and only more headaches to show for it. Let's dig deep in some numbers to find you more money to take home.

Better Personal Life

You started this crazy scheme so you didn't have to work for the man or because your artistic bones compelled you to create... let's make sure the freedom to be your own boss gives you some freedom to take time off, have hobbies, and enjoy life outside of work.

Allison Howell worked her whole career to steer her own ship only to discover that she didn't really like herself much as a boss. She was demanding, unrelenting, unreasonable, and critical until she started focusing on making more margin. Prioritizing getting more out of what she already had (not just more at any cost) in her time, personal life, and fincances has transformed her business and her satisfaction at work. Now she helps event rental pros discover more margin for themselves too.

Ready to Make More Margin in your Boutique Event Rental Business?